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Samsung Multi-Charging USB Charger Cable with 2.0Amp Power Adapter & 11pin Micro USB

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SKU: TMOM63862

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  • You could charge a Bluetooth headset, a wearable (e.g. Samsung Gear 2), and your smartphone all at once!^The Multi-Charging Cable optimizes the total charge across all three devices, dividing the 2A charge evenly.^In other words, if you're only charging two devices, power flows faster to each than if you were charging three simultaneously.
  • Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy S,S2,S3,S4,S4Mini,Tab 3,Tab 4,Nexus and more with Micro pin
  • ""Also Compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Galaxy Edge /S6/S6 Edge/Note 5 with regular speed --- (it's not Adaptive Fast Charger)-----
  • Input/Alimention:100-240V ~50-60Hz 0.35A, Output/Sortie :5.0V===2.0A, --(Not Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy S5)--
  • Universal Power Adapter 2.0Amp Original Part#EP-TA12JEW White Color (Made in Vietnam)
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